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Various Bar Mitzvah's, Communion Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries and Surprise Parties

NEW YORK TIMES: 12/29/06 Laurel Graeber
“Young and eager, he is an old-fashioned magician, working with cards, money
and minds (he reads them), rather than with complicated machinery or

“Mr. Gutenplan’s hour-long show (Extraordinary Deceptions) lives up to its

LA TIMES: 12/21/07 F. Kathleen Foley
“A New York native who has recently relocated to the West Coast, Michael
Gutenplan is a young magician with a charmingly low-key personality and
considerable skill.”

“The emphasis here is on close-up magic, and Gutenplan’s expertise with
cards is evident. However, most impressive are his “mind-reading”

“It’s all cheery, festive and fun.”

“Performer Michael Gutenplan is a magician of the old school, and, in his
solo tour de force, the stage crackles.”

VARIETY: 12/20/07 Julio Martinez
“What does live up to the show's title is Gutenplan's deceptive
sleight-of-hand mastery as he performs up-close-and-personal with various
members of the audience.”

“Though youthful in appearance, he is an old-fashioned close-up magician.
Gutenplan exhibits an impressive dexterity with cards and money,
complimented by impressive feats of mind reading and extrasensory

SANTA MONICA MIRROR: 12/15/07 Lynne Bronstein
“One’s eyes are glued to Gutenplan (and why not? He is certainly personable,
neatly dressed, and has a great sense of humor), but somehow, maybe during a
blink of the eyes, one has missed that moment when he did something that
made a card disappear and then reappear inside a balloon.”

“Don’t mess with this man’s magic. He knows what he’s doing!”

L.A. STAGE SCENE: 12/15/07 Steven Stanley
“Gutenplan, a personable redhead with excellent stage presence, is first and
foremost an entertainer.”

“There's no phony sense of self-importance about the man. He's having a
great time up there, and his enthusiasm is infectious.”
“In this spectacular evening of magic and mirth, illusionist Michael
Gutenplan performs a plethora of wondrous feats, from mind reading to